Thursday, September 17, 2009

Owen's First Haircut!

I have debated for weeks over whether or not Owen needed a haircut.  He had these cute little curls on the back of his neck, and his bed head was so cute!  But I ultimately decided that the majority of the time his hair looked scraggly, fuzzy, and like he had never seen a brush.  With the support of several friends, Andy, and my mom, I came to the conclusion that he needed to have his hair cleaned up.  Here are some pictures of Owen's messy hair...

We took him to Kim at Beck's yesterday, and she was awesome with him.  He sat in Andy's lap, and my mom fed him puffs and cheerios.  I was busy taking pictures.  Kim cut the fuzz off the back, but she left the top and his bangs just how they were.

Kim doing her magic...
All done!

It is true that a haircut makes little boys look more grown up, but he still looks like my little boy (especially from the front!).  Now he will look like a little clean-cut one year old for his birthday tomorrow and his party on Saturday!

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  1. So sweet, Em! I love Owen's new haircut! Ryder's first haircut was right before his first birthday, too! I hope you are all having so much fun with your mom and getting ready for his party. I hope you are all feeling better!