Monday, July 27, 2009

Thanks for my swimming pool, GiGi!

GiGi was not going to be satisfied unless Owen had his very own swimming pool this summer.  We found some on clearance, and we bought him a blow-up pool to splash around in.  I blew it up today, and Owen splashed and played for a while.  He LOVED it!  And that may be an understatement!




Happy Birthday, Nana!

Yesterday, July 26, was Nana's Birthday.  We went to the Mexican place to have a fiesta.  Nana in the sombrero was the highlight, but Owen eating a lemon was a close, close second!IMG_0032


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July

On the Fourth, we spent the afternoon at Joe and Jonie's pool.  Then we went to Tommy and Brittany's house to watch fireworks.

Daddy getting Owen ready to swim!

Daddy getting Owen ready to swim!

Don't worry, Andy is just outside the frame of the picture.
Owen LOVES to splash in the water.  Don't worry, Andy is just outside the frame of the picture.

Since just about all of our friends are competitive, we see lots of competitions when we are at the pool...especially diving.  Kyle and Joe have perfected their "gainer" dives.  This is a dive where you face the water, jump in the air, and do a back flip before going into the water.  Kyle wasn't there yet when I had my camera out, so Joe decided to challenge Cody.

Joe's Gainer
Joe's Gainer

Cody's Gainer
Cody's Gainer

These pictures are the funniest, but by the end of the day, Cody was much improved.

After a while, we headed home for Owen to nap before we went to the Richmond's for fireworks.  We all pitched in and one person went and got the fireworks.  They were AWESOME!  Definitely the best non-professional fireworks I have seen.  Some were a little scary, but I am blaming that on my "mommy nerves."  The whole time I was devising ways to shield Owen in case of a wayward firework!  I couldn't get any good pictures of the fireworks, but I did get a couple of Owen.  I was afraid that he would hate the fireworks because he startles so easily.  I was surprised, though, because he actually liked them.  He was pretty enthralled by the first few, but then the glow sticks the older kids had caught his attention!

Owen waiting on the fireworks to begin.Owen waiting on the fireworks to begin.

Daddy held Owen once the fireworks started.Daddy held Owen once the fireworks started.

Joe and Jonie, thank you so much for sharing your pool with us.  Tommy and Britt, we really appreciate you guys having us out for fireworks.  We really enjoyed our day!

Owen with the Animals

When we were in Murfreesboro, Pappy had a home show at the Rutherford County Association of Realtors.  Someone had decided to get farm animals as an attraction, so we took Owen to see them.  There was a camel, two ponies, a goat, and a couple of sheep.  I'm not sure if Owen would make it as a farm baby!

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For Brittney...

We all know that Matt Nathanson can rock the Faux Hawk.  Tyler can even pull it off.  Now we know that Owen can, too!DSC_0210


Nine Month Pictures

I cannot believe that my baby is 9 months old.  He has been with us for longer that I carried him!  Denise got to spend some time in Cleveland in June, and she came to take some more pictures of Owen.  This was the first time she has taken pictures of him since his newborn session.  He has grown so much!

Denise, I don't even know where to begin trying to thank you for these pictures.  They are absolutely precious to me!

I have picked out a few favorites to post on here, but you will have to go to Denise's website to see them all.  If you see one that you would like a print of, please let me know and I will get it printed for you.

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Pigeon Forge 2009

A few weeks ago, we went to Pigeon Forge for a long weekend with the Gobbles, Womacs, and Hinsons.  We had an awesome time and an incredible cabin.  Check out the gallery below to see some of the good times we had.[gallery link="file"]